Going Back Production Team (English Version)

What stages does a book title go through when it is being brought to an English readership from a foreign market? The publisher buys the rights to translate and publish the book from the original publisher. The translator derives the English text from the original language text. A reviewer checks the translation. The English language text has to be proofread (this might be an extra step for some, but we felt the subject matter demanded extra examination to get it right). The interior of the book has to be laid out into a design, with the right typeface, and book production considerations (color of paper, covering, etc.). If you plan to have a dust cover, it has to be designed. Someone needs to talk to the printer. And in this case, all of it required organization and planning help from an executive coach. Going Back is about the lives of women. Clevo Books values working with regional talent in Northeast Ohio, and it just so happens that this English version was created by women as well. See who they are below.